3 Sure Signs That There Is a Data Breach Going on

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People invest millions of money to get the best system security for their company. It’s a big investment, but it’s all worth it. It’s because if your system is poorly protected, instead of losing millions you can lose everything that you have worked for. A simple data breach can cause the downfall of a company. It doesn’t matter even if your firm is a multi-billion corporation, if the necessary files you have falls into the wrong hands, you’ll end up walking empty handed. Here are some signs that can tell you if there is an ongoing data breach in your company.

  1. Critical File Changes

Cyber criminals use this method to stall detection of their illegal activities. It’s not easy to spot but if you notice that there have been drastic changes in a matter of seconds or minutes, be sure to call for help immediately because it is a sure sign of data breach. Continuous monitoring can be a great help to avoid a violation under these circumstances.

  1. Unusual Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet connection happens but if you are in a company that has a fast and efficient connection and all of a sudden it is disrupted, be alert. It’s another sign of information breach. Hackers may have already dropped viruses and malware that cause the disruption. You need to advise the IT department immediately to check the situation.

  1. Device Tampering

Hackers are good at doing remote access, so you have to be careful. If you are sure that the equipment you’re using has been turned off properly and all of a sudden you see it up and running, call the in-house technicians immediately. Never attempt under any circumstances to use the computer most particularly the login details as it can make things worse.


Be cautious with these three sure signs because if you can spot the signs immediately, there is a big chance of preventing the breach.

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