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4 Simple things that You can do to Avoid Cybercrime


Cyber crimes are very rampant, and that is the main reason why all of us need online security. All of us can be a victim of identity theft, online theft, and a lot more to mention. The list of crimes going on through the web can go on and on. It’s the reason why people invest a huge amount of money for protection. What if you don’t have big money to spend? There’s nothing to worry about because there are simple things that can be done to avoid being a victim of cyber crimes.

  1. Anti-virus

Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, it’s important that you install anti-virus software on your computers. There are a lot of anti-virus applications that you can choose from. You just have to check the specs and have it installed. It’s a big step in keeping yourself protected.

  1. Strong Passwords

People choose passwords that are easy to remember so that we won’t forget it. An intelligent man once said that passwords are never chosen randomly. It’s true because there is always a connection that makes us decide to choose the particular password. What we must do is to ensure that what we use is strong enough that can’t be guessed based on observing our lifestyle.

  1. Careful data sharing

With the modern technology that is available at our disposal, things or files can be shared in a matter of seconds. You should never share info without thinking things through most especially if it contains sensitive or critical data. You should remember that shared files can be easily intercepted.

  1. Make Use of VPN for data encryption

The data we need to check is necessary and to ensure security, the best choice is for you to use VPN for any instances that you need to encrypt some information. Be undetected for your benefit.


We can never be too certain on who we can trust with critical info. We should take precautionary measures to ensure online security.

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4 Benefits You can get if You use a Proxy Server


Most people just open up their computers and start working immediately without considering the risk of the vulnerable server. We may have often heard that people are using a proxy for their connection. If you are new in the field or you are someone who doesn’t have a background about secure servers, it may be something that you don’t want to concern yourself with. Let me tell you this. There are a lot of advantages that you can get if you use proxy servers. Check the benefits it can provide you.

  1. Shared Connection


It is normal for a household or small business firms that there is only one source of internet connection for multiple devices. If you have a proxy server, sharing internet access using LAN is possible. There is no need for you to wait on when will you be able to use the computer.

  1. Speed Up The Surf


We’ve all heard a lot of complaints about slow internet connection and most of the time it is a big problem if there is something that needs to be done quickly. With the help of proxy servers, it can boost the speed of the connection. It is faster than a direct internet surfing.

  1. Added Security


In the business world, company’s information is sacred. If you have a proxy, the IP address you have can be undetected making your connection secured from hackers or rivals in the business who are just waiting for the right opportunity to get something out of you.

  1. Grant Access To Sites With Restriction


In a company, some policies need to be observed for sites that you are not allowed to access within the company premises. The IT department usually put a block on different sites that they find irrelevant or causes risk for the job. Using a proxy, you will be granted access to those restricted sites.

The bottom line of these benefits is to get the security you need while having a leisure access.

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3 Sure Signs That There Is a Data Breach Going on


People invest millions of money to get the best system security for their company. It’s a big investment, but it’s all worth it. It’s because if your system is poorly protected, instead of losing millions you can lose everything that you have worked for. A simple data breach can cause the downfall of a company. It doesn’t matter even if your firm is a multi-billion corporation, if the necessary files you have falls into the wrong hands, you’ll end up walking empty handed. Here are some signs that can tell you if there is an ongoing data breach in your company.

  1. Critical File Changes

Cyber criminals use this method to stall detection of their illegal activities. It’s not easy to spot but if you notice that there have been drastic changes in a matter of seconds or minutes, be sure to call for help immediately because it is a sure sign of data breach. Continuous monitoring can be a great help to avoid a violation under these circumstances.

  1. Unusual Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet connection happens but if you are in a company that has a fast and efficient connection and all of a sudden it is disrupted, be alert. It’s another sign of information breach. Hackers may have already dropped viruses and malware that cause the disruption. You need to advise the IT department immediately to check the situation.

  1. Device Tampering

Hackers are good at doing remote access, so you have to be careful. If you are sure that the equipment you’re using has been turned off properly and all of a sudden you see it up and running, call the in-house technicians immediately. Never attempt under any circumstances to use the computer most particularly the login details as it can make things worse.


Be cautious with these three sure signs because if you can spot the signs immediately, there is a big chance of preventing the breach.

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