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Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are fighting for a long time removing internet Explorer and other operators to another side. Do not think so? Well just take a look at popularity graph of the most popular web browsers. Opera, Safari, Torch and others are less popular than Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.36.05 PM

Information source: http://tips.betdownload.com/10-best-web-browsers-in-2013-396n.aspx

So, today I think it is a great point to talk about Mozilla Firefox and its power. Like other web browsers, this one also has many add-ons which may help you In your daily activities. Here is a great list of some of it: The list of Firefox addon

Our team is focusing more on online security issues so we will review security options with Mozilla Firefox. Here is a new Mozilla Firefox addon for security which we recommend to try. Easy to install and use this virtual private network addon works smoothly with your devices and can secure your private data without any issues. It brings trust not only because it’s rate quite huge on the Internet between other providers, but also it’s on Chrome and other browsers addon lists. 

In case you have doubt about your online security, do not hesitate and review our website’s articles. We love to learn and teach others about security threats and solutions to be protected.